The device called iz ilizarov aya, which is used for lengthening, creates miracles.

Length Extension Aesthetics

Length extension Pediatric Hospital in Istanbul Turkey 1 Orthopedics and Traumatology, Orthopedics and Traumatology, Prof. Florence Nightingale from the team. Dr. Metin Kucukkaya; Iz ilizarov ’is among the doctors who apply the most lengthening method called uzat ilizarov oy. This device, which is attached to the bone for several months by surgery, extends the arms […]

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The aesthetic trends of the new year have already been determined. This year, major operations will be replaced by tiny initiatives that can have the same effect. Fills made from people’s stem cells will be fashionable.

Devamını Oku

Lip Aesthetics

Is there really a fashion of aesthetic operations? It may sound interesting to some, but the answer to your question is yes. What is the fashion of the last period ?  When you look at the most performed operations in the first place lip, vagina and belly aesthetics comes in. As for aesthetics, why do […]

Devamını Oku