Face Weekend Dishes Using Roasted Pasta Sauce

If there’s one thing I always have in my pantry, it’s pasta sauce. It’s basically liquid gold at my house: when I’m in a pinch, I know I can pull out a trusty jar and whip up a semi-gourmet dinner in no time at all.

With the holidays oh-so-swiftly approaching, spending oodles of time on dinner just isn’t going to happen for me, and I get the feeling that *maybe* you’re in the same boat?

That’s why I’ve stocked up on pasta sauce like there’s no tomorrow. Around here, we use it on everything from classic spaghetti and pizza (yes, I use it on my pizza!) to stuffed shells. As long as you have some sort of pasta and sauce, you’ve got dinner!


Yes, there are soooo many jarred pasta sauces at the store, so which one is the best to buy? Well in case you missed it, our team recently did a blind taste test to find the best pasta sauce for weeknight dinners (and more special occasions). We found ourselves eating the winner with a spoon right out of the jar. Check out our favorites!


Yes you can! I love freezing leftover sauce in silicone trays and once they’re frozen, I’ll pop them into a giant Ziplock bag. Once they’re in the bag, they can stay frozen for up to four months.

To thaw the sauce, you will just place the Ziplock bag in warm water, or if you’re like me and forget to do that, you can just place them straight in a saucepan and warm it up that way.

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