32 amazing beauty in different styles # 2020

32 amazing beauty in different styles # 2020

32 amazing beauty in different styles # 2020


Date Created: 05 APRIL 2020 11:00

Zoco Home

The bathroom in this photo can inspire you if you have an individual character that likes to exhibit artisanal accessories and handcrafted designs from their travels. A bathroom with natural daylight thanks to a wide window, a mirror-covered wall that reflects this light to the space at maximum, an old-legged bathtub, copper lanterns and leather poufs brought from Morocco, loincloths and Beni Ourain carpets are among the codes of this style.

Modern & Functional


Geberit Citterio

Geberit Citterio series, which is signed by the famous Italian architect and designer Antonio Citterio, will be an ideal choice for those who prefer a spacious and simple appearance in their bathrooms. The products that have a smooth appearance with KeraTect special glazing technology and smart toilet bowls that prevent dirt accumulation with Rimfree® feature perfectly match with Geberit AquaClean.

Vintage & Nostalgic



If you are one of those who do not give up the nostalgia of the past and find themselves in the old-fashioned shops at every opportunity, you can catch this spirit with the vintage designs you will have in your bathroom. A bathtub with a leading leg, nostalgic cast radiators, gold-colored faucets, a brass mirror to be placed on the sink, and brass handles to be attached to the bathroom cabinets will take on the task of carrying the beauty of the past to your bathroom.

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If you prefer to perform the purification ritual in a fiction that is free from excesses and shaped with natural materials, the decorative elements you will use in your bathroom should also keep up with the naturalist style. Plants that require high humidity such as marble and natural stone surfaces, wood, glass or terracotta designs, bamboo fiber towels, wicker baskets, Aloe vera, bamboo, love ladder are indispensable for this style.