Danakil Depression Basin, North Ethiopia

Danakil Depression Basin, North Ethiopia

The Most Colorful Natural Wonders of the World

Danakil Depression Basin, North Ethiopia

  • 08:42 Feb 18, 2020

The world is filled with colors; however, there are some places where a little bit of pigmented bacteria, unusual colors with a bit of millions of years of stratification or accidentally discovered natural powers. We brought together the miraculously natural and colorful spots of the world for you to turn your route on your next trip.

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      Cano Cristales, La Macarena, Colombia

      Another name of Cano Cristales river, which is popular with its vibrant and clear color, is Fluid Rainbow. The river flows in shades of red, yellow, green and blue thanks to the river algae called ‘Macarenia clavigera’, which appear between July and November every year.
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      Seven Colored Lands, Chamarel, Mauritius

      The small dunes in the southwest of Mauritius give an image soiled in red, purple, pink, blue, green, yellow and brown. There is one more feature that makes the coloriness that occurs when the minerals in the soil undergo heat changes as a result of volcanic activity; When you take the colored sands into your hands and mix them, the colors are collected in their clusters.
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      Colorado Lagünü, Potosi, Bolivya

      Bolivya’nın Eduardo Avaroa Doğal Koruma Alanı’nda yer alan bu sığ, içine kırmızı karıştırılmış gibi görünen göl flamingoların -özellikle James flamingolarının- toplanma noktası. Gölün doğal pembeye çalan kırmızı rengi ise burada yaşayan alglerin pigmentlerinden kaynaklanıyor.

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    • Tubular Flower Pool, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

      Pigments of thermophilic bacteria that resist extreme heat, giving the ‘Morning Glory Pool’ its unique color. When looking deeper than the mouth of this pond, where groundwater comes out, starting from orange and toned green, the color extends to deep blue.
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Danakil Depression Basin, North Ethiopia

Besides being the hottest and lowest point in the world, Danakil is a sulfur and salt reservoir. This is what gives the collapse basin an intense yellow color. Let’s add that, because of the challenging geography of Danakil, National Geographic has received the title of ‘World’s Most Cruel Place’.

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      Flying Geyser, Washoe County, Nevada

      “Fly Gayser”, which stands out among the geysers, which are mostly recorded as natural phenomena, is an accidental wonder. In 1964, workers piercing geothermal energy resources in an old lake bed that turned into a desert, became the medium of thermophilic bacteria to form this form and colors by spraying mineral-rich water under the ground.
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      Hell Lake, Beppu, Japan

      The hottest water of the Japanese, which is famous for its culture of relaxation with hot water, you may not want to enter, is Chinoike Jigoku, another Hell Lake. The lake, whose temperature is around 78 degrees, was used as a tool of torture according to historical sources. The source of the red that gives the color of the lake is the iron oxide it contains.
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Marble Cave, Chile Chico, Chile

The cave texture formed with the wave erosion of six thousand years has created this magical wonder near the Carrera Lake, near the border with Argentina, when the blue and green reflection of the water meets. When the waters are still, you can go for a boat ride.
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    Big Blue Hole, Belize

    The ‘Blue Blue Hole’, 300 meters in diameter and about 125 meters deep, formed as a result of underground resources dissolving limestone, is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Let’s add that this point is one of the best places in the world for scuba diving.